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Dante In Exile - portrait of Dante Alighieri by Domenico Petarlini


UK indie author Alex L Moretti has sold his engaging and atmospheric novelisation of Dante's classic poem Divina Commedia in 11 countries worldwide.


Fascinated by a documentary which explored how Inferno had influenced Renaissance artists and transformed their creative depictions of Hell to new, shocking and dramatic portrayals of the punishment of sin, Alex - who in a delicious display of serendipity found his birthday fell on the anniversary of Dante’s death - immediately dived into the epic text.


Discovering that not only was the tale a marvellous, whirlwind adventure through three realms of the afterlife set against a stunning backdrop of phantasmagoria, but also that its themes are equally resonant today, Alex couldn’t shake the urge to resurrect Dante’s pivotal text in a format which would appeal to contemporary readers thirsty for the story but uncomfortable with the archaic style and cadence of classical terza rima.


“Key for me in adapting Dante’s seminal trilogy was to demystify the challenging and complex 14th century interlocking three-line rhyming verse, but not at the expense of dumbing down. A high-end literary fiction, remaining as close as possible to the original storyline of Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, seemed the best way forward. Enter…Beyond The Inferno.”

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