What if the fires of ancient love burned so strong you'd traverse three realms of the afterlife in a bid to save mankind from spiritual destruction, for one last kiss with your dead lover? Even if it was she who plunged you into the depths of Hell, the terrifying, blazing Inferno, to witness the punishment of sin in all its barbarity, cruelty and horror. While you were still alive…

A Novelisation of The Divine Comedy


“This adaptation could well become the book that everyone has been searching for, narrating the fantastic story in a modern yet erudite way.”

Olivia Eisinger – Editor at Large


This high-end literary fiction is an adult adventure down a dark and dangerous rabbit hole.


Beyond The Inferno aims to resonate with a new readership at a time of moral and political decay...


...revealing fascinating similarities between the corruption and depravity, brutality and beauty of ancient civilisations and the modern world.


"Here let dead poetry rise once more to life"

Dante Alighieri

A Novelisation of The Divine Comedy


Inferno. Purgatory.             Paradise.


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